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Revived oak top nest of tables

Today we have put the finishing touches to these lovely oak top nest of tables for our customer in Wrexham. The customer had visited our website and had seen the work we had done to the telephone table and asked us if we could do the same for her.

So we got to work, sanding all the old varnish off the top and the sides of the top to reveal the true beauty of the natural oak wood, we then rubbed down the legs to get a good bond for the new coat of paint. We have filled in any joins in the wood so it would look seamless when the new coat of paint was applied. We then primed the legs and rubbed them down when dry to give a good smooth base for the new paint to attach to. Next we applied two coats of off white eggshell paint rubbing down inbetween coats. When the paint had dried we applied two coats of liberon clear furniture wax as to protect the natural oak tops and keeping the natural oak wood look and the Beautiful Endings professional finish.