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Revived half moon hall table

Today we have completed the revival of this lovely piece of furniture for an existing customer in Wrexham.

Our customer bought this yesterday and asked us what we could do with it having already bought a piece from us previously. We picked it up from the shop for her and after a short discussion she decided what she wanted us to do with it. The half moon hall table was a mahogany colour and our customer wanted it brightening up to match the other piece she already had. So an all over white matt finish keeping the original metal detail and to replace the old handles with a crystal diamond glass knobs.

We started by rubbing the table down to get most of the old lacquer off it so we had a good bond with the new paint, we then neutralized it with meth spirit to stop any reactions. Next we primed it, rubbed down again and gave it 2 coats of eggshell paint, to finish it off we waxed the paint with Liberon furniture wax to protect the paint and to give it a nice sheen.